Collavate 5.1.6 Released Update

We have made New features, Enhancements and Bug fixes.


+ Improvement in template generation speed  (about 40% faster)

+ Added Google Drive and Collavate information to the Document Validation Report

+ Improvement on attachment list preview UI

+ Improvement on Japanese in customer notification email

+ Improvement on before 30-day expiration notification message for users who have not used the service for 6 months

+ Improvement on the approval status display in the process list 

+ Improvement on “Final reviewer approves or rejects documents that you submitted” notification option in profile setting

+ Improvement on Japanese in the Document Validation feature

Bug Fixed

– Fixed the language setting error that displayed only English for some users

– Fixed an incorrect language in Collavate Add-on

– Fixed the dynamic email function (approve via  email) error of a specific process notification email

– Fixed an error in automated reminder