Adding Multiple Files through Process Popup

Attach Multiple Files #

There are many ways to add multiple files to a process. One way is, through the Process popup mode which can be initiated by going into the Process menu and clicking on Start Process and then selecting a file. In the following view, you can see the Add File button which allows you to add more files to be reviewed. When clicking this button, Collavate gives you the option to choose a file from your Google Drive or to upload another file.

Utilizing Add Reference #

In iFrame mode, you can reference another process when starting a process. To do this, simply click the Add Reference button and you will be allowed to choose a completed process for reference. When clicking Add reference, Collavate allows you to choose from a list of processes you’ve approved, processes that you own, and processes that you have been CC’ed in. You can select multiple processes to be referenced by checking multiple boxes. When you are finished simply click Add Files.

This feature is best utilized to quickly refer to a file that has already been processed. The reviewer will only be able to see the file that was used as a reference process.

NOTE: Users will be able to see if a process is referenced with the “R” icon.