Advanced Search: My Drive files and Approval workflow files

Searching for documents within your Google Drive can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of files with similar keywords. This guide will give you an overview on how to use the advanced search function to help you find the document you need!

Start by navigating to the “My Drive” menu page in Collavate. At the top of this page, you’ll find a search bar. Click on the downwards arrow to bring up the advanced search function.

When clicking the downwards arrow you will have many options to help you find your file.

  • “Title, content has the words:”
  • Enter in some keywords to find the document you are looking for. Click the checkbox next to “Title Only” to only search for keywords that are in the title of the file rather than in the file content.
  • Owner (Username or email address)
    • Enter the name of the owner of the file, either by their Email ID or by their name.
  • Document owned and shared by me (divided by comma)
    • Enter names of the users or email to find the document you are looking for. 

Searching Approval workflow Documents

  • Submitted by (enter name or email address)
    • Enter the name or the email of the user who submitted the process you are looking for.
  • Submitted for Review On:
  • Enter the date in which the process was submitted.
  • Process Status
    • You can search a document according to the current status of the workflow.

Once you have filled enough details to where you think you can find your file click the “Search” button. It is important to play around with this feature to fully understand the search capabilities of the advanced search.