Automatically upload scanned files and email attachments to Google Drive

Email Files to Upload to Google Drive #

Collavate users can upload files from their computer to Google Drive via email if email attachment upload settings are turned on. By sending file attachments by email to, the files will be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive.

For example, if you use eFax service and get email as attachments, you can set up an email forwarding option to so your eFax files automatically can be saved in your Google Drive.  

1. Go to My Account in Collavate.

2. Click the Settings Tab

3. Enable for Upload Settings Option #3 to enable email attachments to be uploaded to Google Drive by sending email with attachments to

4. Click Save

5. Send an email with File Attachment(s) to, and Send.

6. Go to your Google Drive and click Recent tab on the left menu

You may have to refresh your Google Drive menu for your attachment file to appear in your Google Drive.

7. Back on Collavate, your uploaded file can easily be processed for a process approval.

Upload Scanned files to Google Drive and initiate an Approval Process #

For companies using physical documents and need the process approvals, physical documents can be scanned via printer and uploaded for the approval process. You may set up your printer to email document scans to, that way your documents will be uploaded to your Google Drive. Please note that sender (From on your printer) should be your email associated with Collavate, so the app can recognize the file is coming from your email. 

This will make selecting your scanned document fast and easy for Collavate’s process.

1. Scan your physical document via printer. If your printer supports Scan to Email option, set up sender as your email and recipient as

2. Once scanned files are sent, open your Google Drive and go to the “recent” tab to find the scanned files. It may take a few minutes and you may have to refresh your browser for your file to appear.

3.Open Collavate and you can start a process by selecting your Google Drive file.