Collavate Folders in Google Drive

Collavate operates on top of Google Drive, and to fully utilize the functionality of Collavate, an understanding of how Collavate integrates with Google Drive is important.

For individual users, you can view two folders on your Google Drive, while an admin user can view three.

COLLAVATE” and “COLLAVATE User Template are for individual users, and COLLAVATE Template is only available for an admin.


1. For Individual Users #

For normal users, the moment they process their documents, the files are numbered and then moved to their “COLLAVATE” folder.

* Note: Although the file may be visible to the originator, the ownership is transferred to the Document Manager. The file you see in the COLLAVATE folder is not owned by you, but you can only open or edit the file according to the setting of maintaining editing privilege.  

2. For Document Managers #

Document Manager’s COLLAVATE folder contains all the files submitted for review from all members in an organization, and the documents that the Document Managers might have submitted for the approval process.

3. COLLAVATE Template Folder #

Collavate Template Folder contains all the shared templates created by administrators. This is only accessible with an admin account.

4. COLLAVATE User Template folder #

Collavate User Template Folder contains all the individual templates created by users. This is only accessible to the user who created it.