Collavate for your Google Workspace

The Google Workspace Administrator can install and set up Collavate for organization or business users.

1. Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search Collavate or directly go to the Collavate app in the Marketplace here: Collavate in Marketplace

2. Click + INSTALL APP on list view to install Collavate. 

3. Grant permission to begin installation. Granting access is required for the app to provide functions on top of your Google Space.

*Note: Collavate will not store any of your data. When you grant data access to Collavate, it will have API access to specific data such as your Calendar and Contacts. Collavate does not store any of your data, only leverages your Google Drive and Google Docs. All of your data is safely saved in Google Cloud Platform.

4. Enable the installation notification to notify your Google Space users that Collavate has been installed to the domain. Click Next and Done.

For a video tutorial on Setting Up for your Google Workspace: Collavate Business quick start guide – Collavate tutorial