Collavate Process Activities

The Activity dropdown tab in the process displays activity cards in real-time. Any changes made to the process in Collavate will be displayed and the process participants can comment on each activity card to have discussions. All related activities to the process such as edits, decisions, tags added, etc. are displayed in the Activity dropdown tab.

Note: The Activity feature is available for the process processed after May 31st, 2017. Changes made directly in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. will not appear in Collavate’s Activity. Only changes applied in the Collavate application will appear. 

How to view Process File Activities #

1.  Open an existing process

2. Click the Activity dropdown tab located in the top right of the sidebar

3. Activity cards will appear if there have been any file activities

Displayed activities include: #

  • Submitted Process
  • Edits made to the Process
  • Tags added / removed
  • Process decision (Approved, Rejected)

Process participants can comment on individual activity cards. 

Comments on Activity cards within the process will also be privately viewable on your Home Post. This is for easy viewing and accessibility. Others will not be able to see the post pertaining to the activity cards unless they are also a process participant.