Collavate Public Templates

Collavate offers several document templates on Google Docs and Sheets available for users. Now, users can copy and modify templates of budget sheets, timesheets, and other documents for their own use. To access these public templates, click on the Template page in the toolbar. Then, in the following webpage, navigate to the Public Templates tab.

At this page, you can see the available templates. To use a template, copy the template and save it to your own template storage. To do this, simply click on the checkbox of one or multiple public templates and click on the Copy to.

A drop down menu will appear asking you to choose where you want the public templates to be saved. If you are a Collavate administrator of your domain and allow domain shared templates, you will see an option to save the public template to Shared Templates. Otherwise, all users will be able to save public templates to their own My Template storage.

Similarly, you may follow the same procedure to use the template for processing or saving to your own collection of templates for later use.

NOTE: Once you have selected the destination for your public templates, it will take a few minutes until the public template appears.