Create a Collavate Account

Collavate supports users with all types of email accounts. You can use existing Google Account or other email types to sign up. 

If you already have a Collavate account, you can click Sign in with Google or Sign in without a Google Account to start using Collavate Service. Please follow the steps below to create a Collavate account.

Step 1: Create a Collavate Account without Google Account #

1. Go to the Collavate Account sign in page.
2. Click Sign in without a Google Account.
3. Click Sign up for Collavate or Sign in with Google.
4. Enter your email address, password, and birthday in the corresponding field.
5. Complete reCAPTCHA.
6. Click Create free account. 

Note: Collavate works with google drive(Google Workspace). We strongly recommend using Google account to sign in Collavate, unless you manually sync the collavate account with google. 

When you first log in to Collavate, Template and Drive Manager features on the left menu are disabled. In order to use these features you have to link your Collavate Account with Google Account.

Please proceed to the next step to link your account.

1. Click Template or Drive Manager.
2. Click Next.
Note: If you don’t have a Google Account to link with, click on the blue link or here and create your Google Account in advance.
3. Log in to your Google Account.
4. Allow Collavate access to your Google account.

After linking your Google Account with Collavate, you can now use main features of Collavate. You can also try using team chat, enterprise social networking service, or tag others on the main page.

Note: Collavate does not save any private information or file on the server. Every user account data is securely stored in Google Cloud Platform.