Create/Manage Shared Tags

Shared tags created by an Admin are made available as yellow (shared) tags that can be used by all domain users.

An administrator can manage both their own Personal Tags (gray) and Domain Shared Tags (yellow). You can manage the availability of the tag function by using the on/off button at the top.

The left box contains personal tags of the administrator, and the right box contains shared tags, which all users in the domain can use.

To make shared tags to be available for use to all users:

1. Select Admin located on the left menu

2. Click the Tags sub-menu tab

3. For Domain Shared Tags click the On button to enable Shared Tags to be useable for all users

4. Type in a new Tag name in the right box with the shared (yellow) tags. Press enter to create the tag.

All yellow tags in the box are Shared Tags, which will appear for use to all domain users when they are using the Tagging feature.

5. Press Save Settings to apply changes