Create Shared Templates

Only a Collavate Admin has the ability to create Shared Templates for organization users. Normal users can only create personal templates in their My Templates.

The Document Manager owns both the COLLAVATE User Template folder that stores normal users’ templates and COLLAVATE Template folder stores shared templates. When creating shared templates in Collavate, the documents are automatically saved in the COLLAVATE Template folder, and are shared with every user.  On the contrary, if the Document Manager saves certain documents in COLLAVATE Template, syncing of the Document Templates must be done prior if the manager wants to use those documents as shared templates.

How to create Shared Templates for everyone in your domain to use: #

1. In Collavate, click the Template menu located to the left

2. Select Shared templates sub menu

3. Click New Templates button and select the type of document you would like to create for this template

4. Choose the document category, title, tag, and the line of reviewers (optional)

5. Next, click the Save Shared Template button

Once your Shared Template, all users in your domain can use the shared Template within their Template > Shared Templates menu.

Checkbox options: #
[] Add to Favorites: This adds the line of reviewers set up in the process as a Favorite group for easy selecting on future the process

[] Maintain initial access privileges of reviewers and myself: Allows reviewers and submitter to maintain access to the process when the process is processed

[] Make a copy of document to process: This duplicates the template to process a copied version

[] Move this document to “COLLAVATE” folder: This process document will be found in your Google Drive COLLAVATE Folder