Creating a Collavate Account and Connecting it with Gmail

In the following guide, we will be showing you how to create a Collavate account and connect it to an existing Gmail account. By doing this, your Collavate account will have access to your gmail files and services.

Step 1: Creating your Collavate Account #

  1. To begin start by accessing
  2. Click “Click here to register
  3. Choose a non-Gmail account to register with
  4. Select a password
  5. Enter your date of birth
  6. Confirm reCAPTCHA by clicking I am not a robot
  7. Click “Create free account”

Once you have created your Collavate account, you will be logged in to Collavate. At this point, the only features you can utilize are the Home post feature and uploading and processing your local files. If you want to fully utilize Collavate and its integration with Google Drive, you will want to connect your Collavate account to a Gmail account.

Step 2: Connecting your Collavate Account to a Gmail Account #

After registering and logging into Collavate, you will notice grey icons. These icons indicate that you do not have access to Google features such as Google drive. Follow the steps below to connect your Collavate Account and gain access to these features. You can reference the

  1. Click a gray icon
  2. A popup will appear that reads: “If you do not have a Google Drive currently, you may sign up for one with your non-Gmail account here. If you already have a google account, click Next to authenticate.”
  3. If you have a Google account, click the blue Next button. If not, click the blue here button, found in the error text, to create a Google account.
  4. In the following webpage, sign in with the Google Account you wish to use with your Collavate account.
  5. Collavate will ask you for permission to view and manage your files in your Google drive and to manage your contacts. Click Allow if you agree to these terms
  6. You’re done! Your Collavate account now can process, tag, and post about your Google Drive files.

**NOTE: Collavate does not store any user information or files. Your account is safely secured within the Google Cloud Platform.

Step 3 (optional): Setting up Google 2 Factor Authorization #

When using a Collavate Account, you can protect your account by using Google 2Factor Authorization. Doing this will prevent anyone but yourself from logging in.

  1. Start by downloading the Google Authenticator application.

  2. On the Collavate homepage, start by clicking your profile image in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click My Profile
  4. Turn Two step verification On
  5. Scan the barcode by clicking the “+” using the Google Authenticator app.
  6. On Collavate, enter the 6-Digit number you see in the App (no hyphen)
  7. Now you’re done!

After setting up two step verification, you will need the 6 Digit code found in your Google Authenticator app to log into your Collavate Account!