Document Numbering Policy

In the Docs No. Policy menu tab, you can set the numbering policy used in document processing. Please take a note of the numbering codes below, and set your policy accordingly.

The numbering codes provided by Collavate are as the following: #

  • ${companyCode}: Company name (Domain Settings – Company Name)
  • ${teamName}: Team name saved in user’s profile
  • ${thisYear}: (Last two digits) Current Year  ex) 2015 -> 15
  • ${thisYearFull}: (Four digits) Current Year  ex) 2015 -> 2015
  • ${thisMonth}: Current Month
  • ${today}: Current day
  • ${number}: Automatic numbering. If Year/Month/today codes are used with number code, the number is reset every 24 hours.
  • ${collavateType}: Category (Document category created at Docs Category*)
  • ${userCompany}: Company name from the user’s profile
  • ${templateAlias}: Shared Template alias.

When an admin selects specific numbering codes, they will go to the bar at the top and attachment will be automatically attached to the title of the processed document. Click the save button to apply all changes.