Domain Data Transfer to New Domain Name

Data Transfer to New Domain #

If you are operating on a current Google Workspace domain and are migrating to a new Google Workspace domain name (ex. moving from to then Collavate can transfer your existing data to your new domain name to have you running smoothly and up to speed again. Once the data migration is complete, your new domain can resume operating on Collavate as before.

* Note: Data migration may take 2-3 days for full completion. Please notify our support team as soon as you are aware of your domain name change to allow adequate migration time.

Contact Our Support Team #

Simply email our Support Team at requesting a domain data transfer including your current domain and your new domain you would like data transferred to. Our Collavate development team will be happy to migrate your data to your new Google Workspace domain.

You can also contact our Support Team by posting in our Support Group in Collavate!

Thank you,

The Collavate Team