Domain Settings

Your Google Workspace domain and basic document management settings can be done in the Admin Console > Domain Settings

Company Name

Company or Organization’s Domain Name. Domain information saved in Google Workspace is automatically synchronized here.

Google Workspace / Domain Administrator

This is the Domain Administrator who first setup the Collavate. Synchronization is possible only when the Google Workspace Administrator becomes the Domain Administrator, and this administrator is in charge of Collavate initial setup.

Domain administrators can grant partial admin privilege to other users in the User Management sub menu.

Document Manager

This is the account information for Document Manager. All submitted documents are saved in the document manager’s COLLAVATE folder in Google Drive. Therefore, Document Manager can save all the documents under his ownership, thus saving the documents as assets.

* Note: If you want to change the document manager, please send us a mail at A guide is required to move all the documents from the previous Document Manager’s COLLAVATE folder to the new manager’s folder is required.

Home Folder

Admin can set up a workspace folder for domain users. Users will be able to see the same files and subfolders on the Collavate Home menu. If no “Home Folder” is set within the admin settings, the home screen menu will display a user’s own “My Drive” files. Please note that for the Home Folder, the URL must be shared with users. Users can create or process files from the Home Menu. When files are uploaded or created, files will automatically be stored in the “Home” folder under the administrator’s ownership. In the Collavate application Home menu, other Google Drive folders are not displayed.