Contacts that are frequently added as grouped reviewers can be set as Favorites. Setting up favorites can save a workflow submitter time by avoiding the need to individually enter multiple reviewers each time. 

By clicking Select Reviewers from, you can add reviewers from your favorite workflow, contacts or organization chart.

To register a favorite workflow, you need to click the Add to favorites button after you input the reviewers in the workflow and before you click to Process document. Creating a favorite group will save selected contacts for future convenience. Once a favorite is created, you will have quick access to the specified members that you may frequently collaborate with.

For manually adding reviewers using their Email or name and hit enter on your keyboard to add them as a reviewer. Next, under the reviewer’s email address, select Can Edit and Comment or Can only View and Comment privileges for the reviewer. Can Edit and Comment allows the reviewer to directly make edits to the workflow document, while “Can only View and Comment” will limit the reviewer to only making suggestions.

If you are adding more than 2 reviewers, you can use following methods to do so: #

1. Adding Reviewers on the Same Approval Line

For adding reviewers in the same approval line, if you enter two different reviewers under the same number line such as 1, the reviewers will be set up as horizontal reviewers. Either reviewers under the same number line can make an approval decision. The process will not require that both reviewers are on the same line to make a workflow decision.

2. Adding Reviewers on a New Line

Adding a reviewer on a separate number line such as 1 and 2, will enable vertical reviewer setup. This establishes a sequential approval process and requires that each reviewer from separate number lines make an approval decision.

Once your Favorites have been set up, in the select reviewers from drop down menu, you can then select favorites and choose a group of reviewers you have saved. They will then be assigned as your reviewers for the workflow.