File Feed

The File Feed is located on Collavate’s homepage and it provides quick and easy access to view: process status changes, Google Drive activities, and any Collavate DLP usage. WIth this feature, you will be able to see any changes that you or anyone else has made to processes/files that you own or are involved in. These views are separated by a file feed name and this guide provides information on each.

Collavate activities #

In this file feed, users can see any status changes for processes that they are involved in. Anytime a process has been approved, rejected, missed its deadline, or has been cancelled; Collavate will make a note of it in this post feed.

My Drive activities (Collavate) #

The My Drive file feed allows users to keep track of any changes being made in their own Collavate My Drive. Anytime a file is moved, renamed or deleted in the My Drive page of Collavate, you will be able to see those changes in this post feed. It is important to note that this file feed only keeps track of actions within the Collavate application. Any files moved, renamed, or deleted outside of Collavate (in, for example) will not appear in this feed.

DLP activities #

For users that are utilizing our DLP function (learn more about it here) you will be able to see any DLP Google drive activity in this feed. In this feed, you will be able to see anytime another user in your domain stars, views, creates, or shares a file. Collavate DLP allows users to get a summary of all Google Drive activities occurring within the domain, including all the collaborators with the activity date and time. This feed provides the same view as the Google Drive Activity view in DLP, however, it is available for quick viewing at the home page.