Group CC approval/reject function

The Group CC approval process is a feature that requests approval from the team that is registered under Group CC after the final approval of a workflow. It can be used when requesting assistance from the project’s coordinating team, and when seeking approvals from other departments after completing approval in the original team.

This feature is available in Collavate Business and Enterprise editions. After logging in with an administrator account, enable the Provide ‘Approve / Reject’ Button feature under Admin > Process > Recipient CC / Group CC Email page. 

How to use Group CC approval workflow: #

In order to use the Group CC approval function, you need to enter a group email address in the Group CC tab.

Once the approval process is completed, an email notification will be sent to the team members registered on Group. After any member of the group opens the doc to approve, click the Reference button to start the process.

Members of group email under Group CC will receive an e-mail notification and can view the documents requested for review in the Collaborate Process > CC’ed Docs menu page. Click on the document to proceed with the approval process.

Upon completion of the approval and return, the approval status will be updated and will remain as final even if a group member rejects the document.