Group Google Drive folder

Google Drive Folder for Collavate Groups #

A Google Drive folder is created for each Collavate group. The Group Google Drive folder is owned by the creator of the group, and all uploaded files to the group via Collavate are automatically in the Group’s Google Drive folder. Members of the group are able to access the group Google Drive if the folder’s share settings are enabled.

How to Access your Group Folder #

1. In Collavate, click on your group in the Home Menu

2. Click on the Blue Google Drive folder icon under your group banner.

3.Your Google Drive group folder will contain all uploaded files in your group’s posts.

Note: If your group Admin has not enabled share settings, you will be directed to a page to request access permission to the folder. Click Request Access to send a notification to your group Admin. Once the owner of the Google Drive group folder enables share settings, you will be able to access the group folder.