How do I uninstall Collavate ?

Uninstall Collavate Business #

If you are using the Collavate Business edition, you need to uninstall the app within Google Workspace Admin Console ( and your Google apps super admin can uninstall it. In the Google Workspace Admin Console, access the Apps section which allows you to manage all applications used by your domain. In this section click Marketplace apps and look for Collavate. Click on Collavate and you can remove the application for your entire domain by clicking the trash icon found in the top right.

Uninstall Collavate Single Free/Team #

If you are using the Collavate Single free/Team edition, go to My Account  which is found by clicking your profile picture at the top right of the website. In these settings, click on the Personal Info tab and click Delete my account to permanently remove your account.

Uninstall Collavate Add-on #

If you are using the Collavate Add-On, launch Google Docs ( and open a blank document. In this blank document click on the Add-ons option in the toolbar and then click Manage add-ons. Once you find Collavate click on the three dots and then click the Remove option to permanently uninstall the Collavate Google Add-on.

NOTE: When following the above instructions, after deleting your account, it is important to remove the access to your Google Drive that you initially granted Collavate when you first logged in. Follow the steps below to remove Collavate’s access to your Google Drive.

Removing Collavate’s Google Drive Access #

To remove the access Collavate has to your Google account, start by accessing In this web page, under Sign-in and Security click Apps with account access. In the following website, click Manage Apps and when you see Collavate click on it and Remove Access.