How to Approve/Reject document

As reviewer(s) of a process, a consensus decision needs to be made. It is important that reviewers Approve or Reject a process process. Keep in mind there are communication features such as commenting to discuss the process, sharing features such as attaching reference files or additional documents within the comments that can be used prior to making a process decision. There is also a “Good” feature to endorse/up-vote a process.

A process in process can be seen on a user’s Home feed.

It is possible to click Approve or Reject directly from the home feed, but it is important to review and make edits/suggestions needed prior to making a decision. 

Within the post process box, collaborators can leave comments for discussions and more effective communication.

Follow these steps to conduct a proper review of a process file:

1. Click Review

2. Review the pop-up window or expanded screen, and edit/make suggestions to the document  

3. Leave comments in the box for other reviewers and the process submitter to see

4. Click Approve or Reject document