How to backup Collavate Document manager Approval Process files in batch

The Collavate Document manager can back up all the Approval process files and attachments done by all the users of the company in batches.

1.  Downloading files via Google Takeout #

  1. Document Manager signs into their google account
  2. Click My Account, which can be found in upper right corner in Google Apps tile icon or when clicking your profile picture
  3. In your Account Settings under the Data & personalization, select the link Download your data of Download or delete your data.
  4. Only check on Google Drive data to include and select ‘Include all files and folders in Drive’ 
  5. Scroll down and click Next step
  6. On Customize archive format area, choose compressed file type such as ZIP file format, choose maximum size of file(e.g. 2GB) and choose delivery method (e.g. choose ‘send download link via email’ to get the download link via email)
  7. Click Create export
  8. Next, the screen seen below will appear, and you will also receive email notification by clicking the link when the backup data is ready to be downloaded

2. Backing up PDF files with cover letter such as Approval process signatures #

If you want to back up the PDF file containing approval process details and document contents, you can download it by using the ‘PDF with Cover Letter‘ function.

If you would like to back up all your users’ PDF files in batches, you can request through Collavate Support or your sales representative. However, this download service is provided only for paid customers on Collavate. Also, depending on the number of documents or contract conditions, an additional service fee may be required.