How to Reset / Cancel Process

Resetting a process will cancel the process and remove the document from being in-process. When resetting a process, a message box will prompt you to state the reason for cancellation to your reviewers.

There are 3 ways to reset a process:

1. Resetting Process from Home Menu

  • The submitter of a process can click the Reset button to cancel the process.
  • When resetting a process, enter a message to let the process reviewers know the reason for reset/cancellation. Click Reset to confirm the process cancellation.

2. Resetting Process from the Process Menu

  • The submitter of a process can select an in-process the process file and click the Reset button in the upper right corner. 

3. Resetting Process in Pop-up Window

  • For the process submitted after August 8, 2017, the submitter of a process can click the More dropdown menu in the process’s pop-up window and click Reset.