How to Set Home Folder

When an administrator sets up Home Folder, all domain users can view a common folder structure on the Drive Manager menu console.

If the Home Folder field is left blank within the admin settings, On the Drive Manager, each person’s Google Drive folder appears.

To set up a home folder, the Collavate administrator can first copy and paste the folder address on the Google drive into the Home folder box. The folder address must be shared to the users you want to share in advance. 

  1. Create or select a Google Drive folder to get started
  2. Copy the full address bar link of the Google Drive Folder, after sharing it with users.
  3. In the Collavate menu, Select Admin > Domain Settings
  4. Paste Google Drive folder link in Home Folder field
  5. Click Save Settings

When the “Home Folder” setting is successfully applied, all domain users can view the common folders and file structures on the Drive Manager screen.