How to start a process

A process can be started from both the Collavate Home menu and the Process menu:

Processing from Home Menu: #

On your Collavate Home screen, you can click the Post with Process tab located next on the left of your home screen. Similar to composing a post, you can add a message for the process reviewers, add files (to process for the process), and communicate through comments on the process post.

  1. Click Posts with Process tab
  2. Click on the text box at the top of your screen and add text if needed.
  3. Click Add Files and select file(s) to process for the process
  4. Add a message / instructions for reviewers

*Note: You can also add reviewer(s) here by typing the @ symbol followed by the reviewer’s name / email address

  1. Click Add Reviewers
  2. Add more reviewers in popup window / edit reviewer privileges
  3. Click Start Process
Checkbox options: #
[] Add to Favorites: This adds the line of reviewers set up in the process as a Favorite group for easy selecting on future process

[] Maintain initial access privileges of reviewers and myself: Allows reviewers and submitter to maintain access to the process when the process is processed

[] Make a copy of document to process: This duplicates the template to process a copied version

[] Move this document to COLLAVATE folder: This process document will be found in your Google Drive COLLAVATE Folder

Processing in Process Menu: #

In the Process menu, you can select Start Process to select a file from your computer, files from your Google Drive, or from Templates. With your selected file, you begin your approval process. On this menu, you can view the information of the documents being processed, and advance the drafting  process of the document by using templates.

  1. Click Start Process
  2. Select file(s) you would like to process and click Add Files
  3. Add reviewer(s) to the process in the pop-up window or in full-screen
  4. Click Start Process to send the process to reviewers