Initiate process via Google Drive addon

You can use the Collavate process function in Google Drive. 

  1. To use this function, go to your Google Drive and click the + button in the app list bar on the right.
  2. When the Google Workspace Marketplace pop-up window appears, select Collavate and install.
  3. When the install is complete, you can find the Collavate CV icon in the right bar. For Google Workspace, if your Google Workspace admin already has installed the Collavate addon, it will show in your google drive and you won’t need to install it.
  4. Now, select the file you want to update from the Google Docs file list, and then press the CV icon.
  5. On the right side, the process sidebar is showing and you can add approvers by entering the email address for approvals. Group numbers are in the order of approval. If you click the + button on the same group number, you can add approvers for the parallel process.
  6. After adding the approver, scroll down and you can find additional options.
    • You can add your comment on the document you submit.
    • You can maintain the same permissions by checking the box. If the document is submitted with no check in the box,  the editing permission will be lost after submission.
    • You can make a copy of the document and submit the copy.
    • When submitting documents, you can have them move to the COLLAVATE folder.
  7. When you have finished specifying options, click the Submit for Approval button to submit the file. The first approver entered into Group # 1 will then receive an email notification and will review and approve the document. Click Open in Collavate to launch the Collavate app.