Install Collavate on Google Workspace

This article is for Google workspace administrators. If you’re not administrator or opt to use Collavate Single/Team edition, go to Install Collavate on Google Drive for Individual/team users.

Note: Only Google Workspace Administrator can install marketplace apps, including Collavate, in your domain.

Step 1: Install Collavate #

1. Log in to Google Workspace administrator account.
2. Go to or search Collavate on Google Workspace Marketplace.
3. Click Admin InstallContinue.
4. Review the terms and policies and click Allow.
5. Click Finish.

After installation, you can notice users in your domain that Collavate has successfully installed.

Note: If you are new to Collavate, you can sign up for the free trial.

Step 2: Set up Collavate #

You can set up Collavate that suits your organization. 

Log in to your Google Workspace Administrator. Go to Google Drive or Gmail, click App list. Then, launch Collavate. When you first log in to your Collavate administrator account, you have to designate Document Manager(DM) Account and sync Collavate with the entire Google Workspace domain. 

Designate a Document Manager and Sync domain #

1. Click AdminDomain Settings.
2. Enter email address onto Document Manager section.
3. Click AdminSync and Update.
4. Click Sync with your Google Workspace Organization Chart and Google Workspace Users.

Note: For more specific information, please refer to Sync Configuration.  

Important: A document manager(DM) is an account for transferring and saving all process files. When domain users start approval processes via Collavate, all related files will be copied and transferred to the document manager account with ownership of itself. Google is not allowing multiple file owners, so there should be only one DM for your domain. You can change your Google account for document manager any time. Please refer to Set a Document Manager if you are admin.

Step 3: Activate Domain Users #

You have to activate users to allow access to Collavate for your domain.

1. Log in to Collavate administrator account.
2. Click AdminUser Management.
3. Check users to activate.
4. On top of the list, click Activation StatusActive.

Note: You can also click Change Privilege to give administrator privilege.