Launching Collavate for Personal Users

Setting up Collavate with your Gmail account is quick and easy. There are various ways to open the application, but the easiest way is by directly accessing this link:

Using a Collavate personal Gmail account (Single Licence) #

Step 1: Setting up your Collavate Single Free account with Gmail #
  1. Simply click the red button “Sign in with Google” and enter in your Gmail account information.
  2. Upon logging in for the first time, you will notice grey icons in the toolbar. Click one of these grey icons to give Collavate access to manage your Google Drive and your Google Contacts.
    **NOTE: Collavate does not store any user information. All of your files and contacts are secure since they are within the Google platform.
  3. You are now free to use Collavate with your Google Account! You can find your Google Drive files in the “My Drive” icon in the toolbar.
Step 2: Adding Collavate to your Google Drive #

Another way to quickly access the Collavate Application is by adding a shortcut to your Google Drive.

  1. Open and login with your Google Account
  2. Right click on My Drive
  3. Hover your mouse over More
  4. Click Connect more apps
  5. Search for Collavate and install!
  6. Now you’re done! You can access Collavate by clicking on the Collavate shortcut found when you right click on My Drive.
Step 3: Setting up the Collavate add-on #

Collavate allows single free users to quickly process files from Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets through the add-on. Follow the steps below to set up the Collavate add-on!

  1. Start by logging in with your Gmail account to Google Docs ( or Google Sheets(
  2. Start a New Document/Spreadsheet
  3. In the new document, click the Add-ons tab found in the toolbar at the top.
  4. Click Get Add-ons.. and search for Collavate
  5. Click the +Free button to install
  6. You’ll need to give permission to Collavate to access your files

To learn how to utilize the Google-Add on, visit the following link: