Manage Remote Drive Setting

By using the Remote Drive function, you can invite outside users to work together. Administrators can invite a person to a Remote Drive to work together. This is ideal for short-term interns, partners, or clients to manage document ownership accordingly.

Administrators can choose which features to enable, and whether to activate or deactivate the remote drive function in the Admin Console in the Remote Drive Menu.

Accessing Remote Drive Settings: #

1. Click the Admin Console Admin

2. Select the Remote Drive sub-menu

By moving the features located in the left box to the right box, Remote Drive users will have access to these features, and by moving the features from the right box to the left box, the access of features are removed from the outside users.

Adding Remote User: #

1. Click Admin console

2. Select Remote Drive sub menu

3. Enter in Remote Drive User’s email address

4. Click Invite Now to send the external user a remote drive access invite

User(s) will receive request via email

Invited users will be listed and will display their name, email, whether they are activated as a remote user, if they have accepted the invitation, and their update timestamp.

An invited remote user that has not accepted the invitation via email will have a Red X for both ACTIVATE and ACCEPT INVITATION columns. A red X means their account has not been activated for the remote drive function.

5. Invited remote drive user clicks Accept via email

6. Users will be brought to the Company’s Collavate Login page. Click Login

Remote users then will enter your company’s collavate platform and can view public groups and posts. Private groups they are not invited into as a member will not be viewable to remote users.

7. Once a remote drive user successfully accepts remote drive invitation and logins into your company collavate domain, a green checkmark will appear under the user’s ACTIVATE and ACCEPT INVITATION columns.

A green checkmark under the “ACCEPT INVITATION” column verifies the user has Accepted the invitation via email. A green checkmark under the “ACTIVATE” column means the user has been activated as a remote driver, and has logged onto your company domain.  

Removing Remote Drive User: #

1. Click Admin console

2. Select Remote Drive sub menu

3. Select checkbox next to user’s name

4. Click Activation Status dropdown

5. Click Inactive

Under the ACTIVATE column, a red X icon will appear for the user. When the user exits Collavate, they will no longer have access to your company’s collavate platform as long as their account is inactive in your (the collavate admin’s) remote drive settings.

For any other questions on how to manage Remote Drive users, please contact, we will be happy to assist you!