Post in your Group

Posting in your group will broadcast a message to the members in the group. If it is a private group, your post can only be seen by the members and admins in the group. If the group is a domain group, everyone in your domain can see your post.

To post in your group: #

1. Make sure that you have your group selected under Groups

2. Compose a message in the Post box

3. Attach a file (optional)

4. Click Post

Post to group via Email #

After creating a Collavate group, there is an option available allowing users to send an email to a specific email ID in order to post to the group. This can be helpful if you cannot login to Collavate itself, but want to post to the group.

To find this email ID, go to your groups page then click the Advanced menu. Then click email to post and you will find the following information:

The email ID that you need is found at the top of this information box. All that you need to do is send an email of whatever you want to post to the ID and Collavate will post it for you!