Post to your group with Collavate Group Email

Each Collavate group has a unique Group Email that can be used to post to your specific group. Emails can be sent to your unique group email address to share the email’s subject, message, and any attached files to be shared as a post directly in your Collavate group.

The most useful ways to utilize your group email are: #

1.  Forward emails to your unique Group Email to quickly share the email as a Post in your group

2. Send an email with containing a subject, message, and file attachments to your unique group email to share a post to your group

3. Enable settings to have your FAX file Uploads sent to your group email to automatically have FAX files shared to your group as a pos

How to post using your Group Email #

1. Go to your group

2. Click the Email tab located under your group banner image

3. Copy your group’s unique email address by clicking on the Copy email button

4. Forward or compose a new email containing a subject, message, and/or file attachment(s)

5. Click Send to share your email as a Post to your group in Collavate

6. You can find the email is posted to my group as below. 

Use Case: Automate Received Fax Machine Files to Upload as Group Post #

To set up automatic forwarding email settings for files your FAX machine receives, you must select the checkbox receive and post e-mails from non-group members.

This allows forwarded emails to be posted to a group, even if they are not members.

After enabling this setting, all new faxes will automatically be posted to the group post, and the fax document file will automatically be saved in the group’s Google Drive folder.

You can also apply this case to customer relationship management (CRM) or support help desk. For example, a salesperson can forward an opportunity to a Sales Post group by forwarding an email to post in the group and discuss with team members via group post.

Intranet Portal Integration #

 In addition, you can make email posts appear on intranet portals through the widget function provided.

Click here to copy the gadget distributed to the Google site and modify it for your company’s intranet. Add the group widget address found in the “Widget Address” tab of the group.

The widget URL can be applied into a Google Site iframe gadget as URL and the function will be added to the site.