Process Function Settings

Process settings for the domain can be changed in the Process sub-menu in the Admin Console.

To get to the Process settings: #

1. Navigate to the Admin Console on the left menu

2. Click Process within the console

3. Toggle between buttons On / Off buttons for each Process feature

4. Click Save Settings to apply changes to the Process settings

*Description of the process menu #

– Enable / Disable signatures: Enable this feature if you want the user’s signature to appear when the process is approved.

– Enable / Disable Approve for Everyone button feature for reviewers: Enable a lower level reviewer to approve the document in place of a higher level reviewer.

Parallel Approval Option (reviewers put on the same review line): Manage the options when there are more than two people in the same approval line.

     > Proceed anyway: Even if any one of the reviewers disagrees with the document, the process goes to the next approval line.

     > Reject when Disagree: If there is disapproval by any reviewer, the document is rejected and will not further proceed to the next approval line.

– Enable / Disable Maintain initial access privileges for reviewers: When this setting is turned-off, an originator will instantly only have viewing permission after the document has been submitted. Also, reviewers will instantly have view only permission after they approve or reject the doc.

When this is turned-on, all the reviewer’s and an originator’s permissions will be maintained as original settings.

– Enable / Disable Recipient option: Enables CC / Group CC Features.

– Enable / Disable Reset / Edit Process feature: With this option enabled, after submitting a document, the originator can edit the approval line and CC information or reset the entire approval process.

– Enable / Disable Deadline feature: When enabled, it gives process submitters the ability to set a deadline for the process, or set individual deadlines for reviewers

– Enable / Disable Automatic Reminders: With this option enabled, a reminder E-mail is sent to the current reviewer for an approval/rejection of the in-process awaiting document on certain days. The interval and the message can be customized.