Public Group for Collavate Announcements

The Public Group tab on Collavate’s Home screen next to your My Groups tab is reserved for Public Group channels. Public group posts are viewable by all Collavate users across all domains. All Collavate users are encouraged to join the Collavate Public Group for the benefit of Collavate announcements, software updates, and new releases. Please join to stay up-to-date with our newest releases!

Public Group posts can only be posted by Collavate Super Admins, reserving the Collavate Public Group specifically for Collavate-related posts. Admins of company domains and users will not be able to post in public groups.

How to get to Collavate Public Group: #

1. Click Public Group tab on the Collavate Home screen, here you will see Collavate Public Group listed

2. Select Collavate Public Group

3. To join, click + Join Group, this will keep you up-to-date with all of Collavate’s announcements and latest updates

if you have joined the group and later would like to leave the Collavate Public Group,

simply click Manage Group and click Leave Group