Publish to Web

This feature automatically creates a Publish URL that allows you to publish your approved documents on the web. You can also ensure that the latest approved documents are automatically published to the Publish URL.

This feature is available in Collavate Business and Enterprise Editions.

For example, a press release or blog articles can be converted to HTML and published on the site at the same time, soon as the document is approved.

Only users who are registered on the approval flow or mentioned in the post can set Stop Publishing and Republish.

To use the function, check if the Published Docs function is enabled in the Process page in the Admin menu on the left.

After enabling the function activation, use the following in user mode.

1. Tick on Publish document after approval sections, at the bottom of the process sidebar.

2. Select Publish options, under Publish as section.

3. After the document is approved, you can find the publish url has been generated.

4.  You can see the web page, upon clicking the Publish URL.

5. If you want to stop web publishing, click the Stop Publishing button to the right of the Publish URL. It will be in the Republish state, and the publication will be interrupted, preventing the document from appearing on the web.