This feature allows you to request reauthorization of an approved document as an original or a copy.

For example, if you need continuous version control such as company regulations, manuals, contracts, etc., documents can be changed or reviewed again after the approval. The revision history and approval records are already being recorded and can be viewed.

This feature is available in Collavate Business or Enterprise Edition. After the Collaborate admin logs in, check if the Reprocess function is enabled in Process in the Admin menu on the left.

After enabling the function, users can use it as follows.

1. Click the Reprocess button at the bottom of the sidebar of the existing approved document.

2. Choose whether to use the existing document or make a copy when requesting a re-approval.

3. If you are using the existing document, you can find the approval post that you previously requested for approval in the history.

4. Click the Start Process button to start the approval which has the same stakeholders as the previous approvers, but contains the updated document contents.