Setting the Document Manager

The Document Manager set for your organization receives ownership of all Approval documents that are processed as a process. All processed documents are saved in the document manager’s COLLAVATE folder.

How to set the Document Manager #

1. Click the Admin menu located on the left

2. Select the Domain Settings submenu

3. Enter an email address within your company’s Google Workspace domain in the Document Manager field

4. Scroll and click Save Settings at the bottom of the page

How to change Document Manager accounts #

If your Collavate already has an existing document manager and you would like to change the existing account to a new one, enter the new account’s email address on the Document Manager field and press Save Changes.

All processed documents after the Document Manager change will be under the new account’s ownership.

To transfer previous processed process documents to the new Document Manager’s account, please refer to the guide Change document manager and transfer centralized document ownership to new document manager