Share Files and Process Histories

Sharing Files #

Sharing files with Collavate is simple and easy. In your My Drive you can select any file and share it by clicking the Share tab.

After clicking the Share tab, all you need to do is enter the email you wish to share the file with. You’ll need to set the user’s viewing and editing permission by selecting an option. Once you’ve entered the email and set your sharing restrictions, click Share to share the file.

If you also process the shared file, the user whom you’ve shared the file with, will be able to view the process information. The shared file will appear in the other user’s My Drive.

Sharing Completed Processes #

Collavate allows all users involved in a completed process to share the process information with others. To do this, in the process popup, select the More dropdown menu and click Share this process with others

In the following popup, enter in the email of the user(s) you wish to share the process with in the topmost text box. In a larger text box, add any comments if necessary. Then click Share

The recipient of the shared process will get an email allowing the user to view the process information in the Collavate application or to view a PDF of the process information.