Shared Template Approver Lock SettingsFunction

Collavate shared templates allow you to save and use various company forms as e-payment templates. For example, a company purchase agreement document can be designated as a shared template so that employees can select and use the template if they need to draft the purchase.

The Shared Template feature is supported by the Collavate Business Edition, and the Collavate administrator can register or modify company forms. For end users, no modifications, deletions, or additions to forms are possible and the specified forms are available.

In particular, shared templates can be used to store not only forms, but also approvers, so they can be useful if certain forms are identical.

Previously, however, the approver specified in the shared template could be modified by the user. The administrator has now added a lockout option to restrict the approver from modifying the shared template.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. The Collavate manager selects the shared template and specifies the approver.
  2. Check and save the option at the bottom Lock Approvers for this Template

After that, if the end user selects this template, they cannot arbitrarily modify the pre-saved payment. Approval lines cannot be modified at random, even for approvers.