Support Group

Collavate Support Group #

Do you have an issue, error, or bug you would like to report? Our Support Team is available to assist you and resolve your issue as best as possible. As of June 20, 2017, we have replaced our chat support with our dedicated Support Group in Collavate.

Please submit any issue you may have in the Support Group. Your post will be attended to as a Support Case, and a Support Specialist on our end will respond with a resolution accordingly. 

Where to find our Support Group #

In the Collavate application, our Support Group is linked at the bottom footer of the page.

How to Submit your Issue #

1. In the Support Group, provide us a description of your problem

2. (Optional) Click the paperclip icon to attach a screenshot that may be helpful for our support team to distinguish your error. You may also tag member(s) in your organization to include them in the case.

3. Click Post to submit your issue

A Support Specialist will review your issue and reply accordingly to assist you

You can also email us at, and your email will be posted in the Support Group and submit your case for your convenience. 

Thank you!

– The Collavate Team