Update and Sync Google Workspace Users

If there are changes in Google Workspace Users, make sure to synchronize your latest Google Workspace users/ Google Workspace users to Collavate to update your Collavate users to be in sync with current Google Workspace users. You may have to re-Sync your Google Workspace Users to ensure that Collavate users will reflect your latest Google Workspace users. 

How to Sync and Update Google Workspace Users in Collavate:

* You must be a Collavate Admin and Google Workspace Admin to sync Google Workspace Users

1. In your Collavate application, click the Admin menu located to the left of your screen

2. Select Sync and Update sub menu

3. Click Sync for Users and Groups. To ensure that everything is up-to-date, it is recommended to click Sync for all 4 categories: Document Template, Organization Chart, Users, and Groups.

Also, the admin can set up an automatic sync every certain amount of days. This feature can be enabled. You can simply turn on the feature and set however often you want your templates, organizational chart, users, or groups automatically updated. (Note: Auto Sync feature is not available on Collavate Business free trial)

  • Document Template
    Document Manager owns both the “COLLAVATE User Template” folder that stores normal users’ templates and “COLLAVATE Template” folder stores shared templates. When creating shared templates in Collavate, the documents are automatically saved in COLLAVATE Template folder, and is shared with every user.
    On the contrary, if the Document Manager saves certain documents in “COLLAVATE Template”, syncing of the Document Templates must be done prior if the manager wants to use those documents as shared templates.
  • Organization Chart
    Through synchronizing, the information saved in the “Users” menu from “Google Admin Console” is also loaded to Collavate. Synchronized organization information is reflected on the Collavate Organization Chart, and if there are any changes on Google Workspace Organization Chart, you must synchronize so that the change is applied to the Collavate Organization chart.
  • Users
    By synchronizing the Users, all the user information saved in Google Workspace is also saved to Collavate. Likewise, if there is any change in users, synchronization is also required. The user data saved in Collavate can be checked at User Management menu, and there you can manage a user’s name, access privilege, security level and more.
  • Groups
    When synchronizing, the information saved in Collavate’s Group Management is synchronized to Google Workspace’ Groups information. If there are any changes to Group e-mails or changes in personnel within the group, make sure to synchronize the new information.

NOTE: When syncing, ensure that all users in “Basic Info” under “Domain Settings” in the “Admin Settings” are active users. If there are inactive/previously deleted users in this setting, sync will fail.


Before syncing your Google Workspace users in Collavate, make sure your Google API Reference is enabled. If you already have your Google API Reference enabled, skip to the “How to Sync and Update Google Workspace Users” section in this article to begin syncing in Collavate.

If you do not have Google API Reference enabled, here is how to turn on your Google Workspace API:

1. Google Workspace Administrator can either go directly to Google Admin Console, or click the Admin icon in the Google Workspace grid. 

2. Log in and click the “Security” icon in the Admin Console

3. Click the “API Reference” and check “Enable API access”.

Once the “Enable API access” box is checked, you can continue to Collavate and smoothly sync your Google Workspace users.