User Management

Managing licenses, security levels, and user access privileges can be accessed by an Admin in the User Management sub-menu of the Admin Console. If you are looking to make a user an Admin or to delegate admin positions or demote a user to a Normal user, settings can be changed in User Management.

To manage Collavate users:

1. Click on Admin console located on the left menu

2. Select User Management

Here you will see your users, their account privileges, whether their account is activated, security level, and division.

1. License Management: Check purchased licenses and activated users statuses here.

2. Search Bar: Search user’s account by entering email address, name or username.

3. Security Level / License Activation / Change Privilege: After selecting multiple users, you can change their security level, activate user licenses, and change access privileges.  = This is discontinued =

  •  Security Level: Set a user’s security level (1: Highest Level / 5: Lowest Level)
  • License Activation / Deactivation: Activate or deactivate selected user’s license.
  • Change Privilege: Use this feature to grant admin privileges to a selected user.

4. User Name: This shows the name registered name in Google+

5. User ID / Display Name: Displays each user’s ID and display name used in Collavate. Collavate Display Name is separate from the Google+ name, and is used in approval process and other Collavate’s main features.

6. Admin Privilege / License Status: You can check license status and admin privilege status here

7. Security Level / Division & Position: Displays each user’s security level and division and position registered in their profile.