Version History Download & Discussion

Collavate Revision History #

The Collavate Process provides Revision History. To locate the Revisions tab, click on an existing process. The revision tab can be found on each process processed after the feature’s date of release (August 2017).

Download Revision #

Users can download file versions as permanent records of PDF files by clicking the download icon on a version number. Process participants can also leave comments on each revision to make notes of edits and changes.

When each process participant makes edits to a process file, a number of edits will appear on the contributor’s revision history. 

Revision Lock #

When viewing a non-google file (such as .pdf, .xlsx, .png),users will see a lock icon in the top right corner of the Revisions Box. Clicking the lock will keep the current version as is. Unlocking the lock will allow you to continue updating the file.

Revision Number #

The revision number allows users to see how many revisions a particular user made to the document.