Collavate Advanced Security Policies

Learn about the expectations Collavate has on our platform, as well as acceptable use. Also included are use requirements and restrictions to follow.

Understand how Collavate collects, stores, uses, and secures your personal data. Here, we detail how we protect your data, as well as our own.

Details about our cloud data protocols, storage, and archiving practises. This involves only our data, as client data is inaccessible to Collavate employees outside of our software logs.

Our disaster mitigation plan explains how we keep Collavate running in any situation. It’s our commitment to your service.

Get acquainted with our internal security, and how it benefits the users of our platform. From our employee vetting to our internal privacy policies, Collavate is committed to your Security

Collavate takes security seriously. Our Governance Policy outlines the function of our Security, Privacy, and Compliance teams for full transparency of operation.

Our internal mitigation strategies and policies for physical media, environmental factors, and office environment governance.