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Collaborative Document Approval Workflow for your Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Workspace. Create, Submit, Review & Approve document in the cloud.

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Create, Submit, Review & Approve​

Our product allows you to submit a document, edit it, and resubmit for approval over and over again.
Coupled with historical data, your documents retain the record of changes, comments, and reviews over time.

01. Create Document

Create, edit, or draft documents. Collavate allows you to share these documents with other teams for further input. You can even mention specific people to ensure they comment on your work!

02. Submit for Approval

All documents submitted through Collavate are sent through the Document Manager. The Document Manager account, or Document Admin, maintains permissions for all submitted documents in Collavate.

03. Review & Approve Document

Approval process design is simple and intuitive.
Collavate supports a wide range of devices–web, mobile, hard copies, and e-ink. Our goal is to allow approvers to focus more on the document, and less on getting there.


Facilitating the Growth Innovators Crave

Tailored Workflows

Collavate caters to your unique needs. The approval process can be customized to suit your team setup and workflows, ensuring the perfect amount of oversight and collaboration.

Due Dates & Deadlines

Our intuitive platform employs automated deadlines and reminders to guide your team toward each goal through a dedicated approval process. No follow up emails or calls required.


Keep the previous iteration of a document, including every comment, on your screen to better inform the new version of the document. Publish with confidence.


Collavate is constantly gathering data in order to produce templates for quick and easy immersion into every new project. We elevate your use of Google Docs.

Automated Reporting

Collavate applies custom reporting with every submission. Collavate pulls all information and generates real-time reports to give you confidence at every stage.

Detailed Records

Through detailed records, Collavate captures information from submitted documents to identify and analyze company workflow trends and boost your business.


No matter the distance between them, users can share ideas, join in live conversations, comment, create, and enhance together, all within your Google Workspace.

Share Anything

Simply upload a file, tag individual team members or groups, and begin the type of seamless communication that drives you toward your goals.

Group Communication

Group team members together so the right individuals are always working on the right project. You decide when information is private or shared, meaning you’re always in control.

Seamless integration with
Your existing tools

Collavate exists to collaborate with your existing business processes.
Our intuitive platform integrates seamlessly with various Google resources for your convenience.

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Chat

Communication & Integration

With Collavate, all communication and approval is conducted digitally and centralized within Google Workspace. Team members can create, comment, collaborate, and submit Google Docs of any kind. You can then access Google Drive shared files, review content, and approve completed work.

Reports & Requests

With Collavate, any manager will have easy access to templates of the most-used reports or documents. Once submitted, the manager can then review and approve any requests. And because Collavate automatically gathers information in real time, the manager always has an accurate report of relevant data.

Managing & Monitoring

A super admin account empowers you to monitor the flow of documents, make changes with ease, and track all submissions. This high-level view of the operation helps you create a hierarchy of most-used files or documents. Evaluate review times, monitor communication and collaboration, and maximize efficiency.

Our Clients

Trusted by 3 Million Users across 15,000 Organizations in over 190 Countries


Multinational technology company Google implemented Collavate to manage internal article releases and to centralize documents.


Advanced Technologies Group (Uber ATG) is a subsidiary of Uber that is developing self-driving cars. Uber utilizes Collavate with compliance workflow for their daily Quality Assurance tasks.


Kakao Group, the owner of Daum Communications and Kakaotalk, used Collavate to organize workflow for general approval processes.


Salesforce used Collavate to organize and share training materials among company employees, stimulating communication and collaboration within the business.

Document Approval for Teamwork.

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