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Collavate connects innovators through unparalleled cloud collaboration. The platform delivers freedom, simplicity, and peace of mind.


Fluid Approval Workflows

Collavate ensures the ideal blend of oversight, collaboration, and automation by tailoring each feature to your workflow and approval system. By submitting files via Google Drive or creating documents in Google Docs, you can use Collavate to administer a tailored document review structure.

Automated Deadlines

Built-in reminders, deadlines, and due dates keep your teams and your business on track at all times. This also eliminates the need for those pesky follow-up calls and emails. A simple, user-friendly interface showcases each deadline and reminder in an effective, helpful manner.

Smarter Publishing

As a document progresses through the approval process, it receives feedback and comments from various individuals. Collavate allows users to keep a previous iteration of the Google Doc on the screen whilst working on the new version of that document.

Custom Templates

Through detailed, automated reporting, Collavate intuitively discovers your team’s favorite templates. By making those templates more accessible, Collavate immerses any user into the creation process. And by using templates with consistency, your personnel gain the comfort and familiarity that facilitates innovation with freedom.

Automated Reporting

With Collavate, data is collected from every action. This intuitive platform is constantly learning. Collavate is the constant and consistent evolution of your document review process, your team collaboration, and your fluid approval workflow.

Detailed Records

Growth is derived from efficiency. Efficiency is determined by your workflows. Collavate captures information to identify and analyze company trends, allowing you to create workflows that unlock new revenue streams, enhance sales funnels, or improve project delivery times.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collavate’s cloud-based collaboration delivers more access, security, and customization for your team. Always communicate as though every person is at the same table. Google Drive shared files become an arena for cooperation and growth.

Reflexive Approvals

Through reflexive approvals, Collavate ensures every document receives the appropriate level of attention and cultivation before it’s published. Every stage of the document workflow must be approved with a digital signature.

Seamless Communication

Tag individuals to request specific feedback, share a file with a group to begin a live discussion, and create groups to ensure the right people are working on the right project. You’ll always be in control of when information is public or private.

Document Approval for Teamwork.

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