Collavate 4.4.2 update – Workflow Delegation

Collavate is a compliance workflow app that provides more than 30 publishing approval features.
Collavate’s ‘Approve for Everyone’ feature allows other delegated approvers to make approvals on behalf of a supervisor or colleague,which is useful when on a vacation or business trip.
In order to use the “Approve for Everyone” function, the admin of the Collavate Business can simply enable it from the workflow page.
When the submitter drafts the document and uploads it, the delegated approvers will get an email notification. He or she can then complete the process by approving for everyone.
For example, if the 3rd approver in the approver chain made the final decision on the document with 5 reviewers as shown below, it will be marked as ‘Approved for all’, and the next lines of approvers will automatically be recorded as “approved”.
Previously, all the checks were marked as approved without any distinction, but now it’s recorded with more clarified distinction between the user who has actually approved, versus approved by delegatees. In addition, the same chronological order of feeds and comment messaging is recorded within ‘Posts with Process’ feed.
Collaborate quickly and easily with enhanced delegation feature.