How to Approve or Deny Files on Google Drive with Collavate

With Collavate you can approve or deny files from within the Google Drive menu, without having to open the app. You can also submit a selected file to request an approval without needing to open Collavate.

Section 1: Submitting Files for Approval in Google Drive

A file can be submitted for approval with just a couple clicks from the Google Drive menu. Tip: Make sure you optimize your workflows before using an approval software to get the most efficient outcome.  

To submit a file for approval in Google drive:

If you want to submit a file for approval, start by clicking on the file you want, then click the Collavate logo on the right hand side of the drive menu. This will open up the Collavate for Google Drive Menu. 

From here you can categorize the document, set deadlines, add reviewers and courtesy copy anyone involved in the process. You can also set permissions for the file. Be sure to check the “Maintain Current File Permissions” if you’d like to allow everyone to keep their current access levels once the file is approved. 

Section 2: Approve or Decline a File in Google Drive

To approve or decline a file in Google Drive:

If you want to approve a file, simply click the file once, then click the Collavate logo on the right hand section. The Collavate menu is contextual, meaning that if there is an outstanding approval on it, you will be given the option to approve or reject.  

Before agreeing or rejecting, you can type a comment directly above the agree/disagree buttons if you wish. At any time, you can choose to open the process in collavate, which will open a more robust menu within the Collavate system.  


Collavate is a professional approval client that works perfectly with Google Workspace. It allows you to send approval requests and collaborate with other email addresses on your domain. Collavate has some customization options to change the way workflows behave, allowing you to set how your specific approvals and workflows behave. 

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