Approve a Doc for all Reviewers to cut down In-Process Time of Files

One of the goals of many documents in-processing for approval is to get it approved and finalized in a timely manner. This cannot always be achieved when there are multiple reviewers as some reviewers will require more time to look over the draft, or cannot get to the file as quickly due to heavier workloads. Other times, drafts are rushed and do not have a lot of time to be reviewed and in-process before meeting deadlines.

To solve this issue, a colleague or team reviewer can approve a file for everyone if the reviewer has the authority to do so. With the “Approve for Everyone” feature, available if enabled within workflow settings by the admin, this convenient feature can send a file quickly to finalization without having to wait for approval from every reviewer.

An efficient way to use this feature is if a submitter of a Draft or File specifies within the instructions when processed: i.e.) This document urgently needs to be approved by tomorrow. Please approve for everyone after editing and carefully reviewing document. Thanks team!

An administrator of a domain can enable this setting for all company users to utilize.
Simply go to the [Admin] tab on the sidebar menu and select [Workflow].
Within the Workflow Settings, switch the “Approve for Everyone” option to On.

  1. Locate Admin Tab within Sidebar Menu
  2. Select “Workflow
  3. Turn “OnApprove for Everyone feature
  4. Save Settings to apply changes

After the feature is enabled, a [Approve for Everyone] button will be available to reviewers when they are approving a document. Keep in mind that the approve for everyone feature should not always be used for drafts and documents that may require team collaboration.

The submitter of this draft had specified the urgency within the instructions/comments of the approval process.

As a reviewer of this document that is in need of quick approval, John Smith took initiative to approve for everyone. The document is now approved and has moved through the line of reviewers and is ready for finalization and publication.

This feature is designed for delivering drafts to finalization quickly in time-crunch situations. It is also useful for documents that only need approval from one team reviewer. Then, whichever team member is able to review and approve the document first may Approve for Everyone to move in processed document forward.

Happy Collavating!

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