Rename Command Buttons for Desired Workflow Interface

We have taken into consideration that not all users use Collavate the same way.
Collavate is a versatile application that users and companies utilize accordingly to their particular needs and various tasks. Beyond that, we all have different perspectives and may prefer different terms and wording for certain functions.

Renaming labels and buttons for your company may make Collavate’s interface more user-friendly for your Company’s use. Your domain administrator can click on the [Admin] tab and select [Custom View]. Here within custom settings, the admin can find the [Label Management] tab and find that here the default labels and buttons can be renamed.

Labels and button functions on the Home Page can be edited and so can the buttons that appear for the Process Feature. Adjust the names of labels and button functions to how you see fit.

It’s simple and can clarify functions accordingly to your perspective.

Hit save to make any changes and you can change these label names as many times as you need to until you find the appropriate renaming of clickable functions. You can go back to default settings at any time. Simply leave renaming of labels blank if you wish to use the default names.

The screens below will visually show how to get to the label management page for both the Home Page and Process functions.

Some users may be more comfortable with renaming the “Agree” and “Approve” button to such words such as “Yes” or “Authorize”.
Some users may want to change “Disagree” to “No” or “Reject”. It is simple to change.
Just remember to hit save to apply changes.

Happy Collavating!

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