Changes to Collavate for Businesses.

Collavate started with the simple idea that document collaboration in the Cloud can help businesses, schools and organizations work together better and be more productive.  
The problem, however, is that the solutions offered by Google (Apps and Drive) are hard to manage and often cause more problems than they solve.   
So, Collavate re-invented Google Drive to make collaboration simpler to use and easier to manage, and with better protection of an organization’s domain.  
Collavate has now grown from a handful of customers to over two thousand customers and over 400,000 users.
When we first launched a paid version of Collavate, we kept a free Standard Edition with limits on certain functions so users could experience our product without having to purchase it.  
Over time, however, we received a lot of complaints and misunderstandings concerning the free product.  
One such complaint was that the limitations of the free version prevented larger users from fully experiencing our product.  
For these reasons, we have decided to streamline our product offerings by eliminating the free Standard Version.
Therefore, the following changes will become effective starting from July 1, 2014, for all new customers:
  • Standard Edition. Starting from July 1, the free Collavate Standard Edition will no longer be available for new customers.  Customers who were using the free Collavate Standard Edition will be able to continue using it with limits.  We will provide a promotional coupon and any support needed for our existing Standard Edition users to upgrade to our Business Edition.
  • Business Edition.  Collavate’s Business Edition will be available for a 14-day free trial period.  The Business Edition will not have any limitations, such as limitations on the number of shared tags you can create.  The price of the Business Edition will remain the same: $40/user/year or $4/user/month.  Licenses for remote users are $20/user/year or $2/user/month.
  • Enterprise Edition.  Collavate’s Enterprise Edition is designed for larger companies that require customization or the use of API’s to meet their needs.  Collavate’s Enterprise Edition supports one-to-one remote support, and API integration and customization.  It has all of the functions of the Collavate Business Edition.  The price for the Enterprise Edition is $60/user/year or $6/user/month.  Licences for remote drive users will be provided for free up to the number of paid users in the enterprise.
Collavate promises to continue providing its customers with the best Cloud Document solutions available so that our customers can take full advantage of the Cloud.  
Thank you.